Friday, 25 May 2018

May Dance

We hope you all enjoyed the May Dance today.The children danced and sat beautifully and it didn't seem to matter that the sun wasn't out.

This week we have been exploring weighing. We have used maths words such as lighter , heavier, heaviest lightest, balanced and equal weight.

In Literacy we have been learning a poem about a steam train. We were thinking about using rhythm in the way we recited the poem.We also noticed that the poem had repeated lines. 

We have also been using the touchpad on the laptops to click and drag.

There is no home learning for the holidays. The children have come home with several letters so please check the book bags for these

We return to school on Tuesday 5th June. The coin challenge starts this day to so any loose change e.g. pennies and 2p pieces will be gratefully received.

Enjoy the holidays, have fun and keep safe.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Trains Old and New

This week we have been learning about old and new trains.
" Old trains moved slowly." Evie
"Coal helped the trains to move." Ben P
"Old trains carried useful things. " (goods) Grace
" The Flying Scotsman travelled from London to Edinburgh."
Max P
"Diesel trains travel fast they carry passengers." Leo

In Maths we have been learning to share equally. We had to share sandwiches with 3 teddy bears. Maths is fun! We had pancakes which we cut first in half and then in quarters.

We have been finishing our  Monet canvas paintings, adding the lillies to our work.

The Home Learning this week is to design a poster for the Summer Sizzler. Please ensure they are returned to school by  next Thursday.

Next week in Literacy we shall be learning a poem about trains, looking at repetition and rhyme.We shall be exploring weight in maths, comparing different weights and using maths words such as lighter and heavier. 

Our Learning owl this week is Freddie who has been concentrating on his learning. Well done,have fun with Otto.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Monet and Time

Thank you to all of the parents who came in for Work Shadowing we hope you found  the experience valuable. The children certainly enjoyed showing you their learning. 

This week in maths we have been learning about Time. We have been learning to tell the time to o'clock thinking  carefully about  the position of the minute and hour hand.We have been sequencing the day, talking about morning , afternoon and evening and  thinking about what time we have our lunch and what time we go to bed.
We have been looking at the paintings of Claude Monet and have u created our own versions of the Lily Pond using acrylic paints.

" The water looks as if its going really fast". Charlie S

" The picture makes me feel happy and calm". Grace   

We have also been practising our May dance thinking about skipping in time to the music. 

In handwriting we have been learning to write the capital letters GHI.

Next week in maths we shall be learning about sharing into equal amounts and talking about half. We shall also be comparing old and new trains.

Our Learning Owl this week is Toby who has been concentrating with his learning.

Friday, 27 April 2018

5 Little Ducklings

We have been learning about ducklings. On Monday we had a delivery of 5 live eggs. The eggs were put into an incubator to keep them warm to help them hatch.The eggs started to crack and on Wednesday afternoon a tiny wet duckling hatched.

" The feathers are called down and they are fluffy" Oliver

" The ducklings stay in the egg for 28 days" Ben C

"When the ducklings come out the feathers are very wet" Oscar S

"The duckling uses it's egg tooth to peck the shell". Ella

In PE we have been learning a May Dance.  May King and Queen are Sammy and Evie. We went in a circle together and we practised our skipping.

In maths we have been naming and describing 3D shapes.

Our learning owl this week has been practising their next step. Otto is going home with Bella who has been trying hard with her writing. well done . Have fun with Otto.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Welcome Back

Welcome back from the Easter holidays. The children have come back excited to share their news of the exciting things they have been doing in the holidays.

This afternoon we all sat in the sunshine and watched the official opening of Redbourn Primary School. The oldest and the youngest child untied the ribbon and Mrs Hinchliffe welcomed all the children, staff and parents.

We have some tadpoles in the classroom and the children are watching closely to see what changes might occur.
We hope on Monday  to have some live duck eggs into school, we are all very excited and hope to see them hatch into ducklings.

This week the children have been writing about what they have done in the holidays and we have had some amazing sentences with capital letters and full stops. 

Our Learning Owl is Sienna who has been persevering with her writing.Well done have fun with Otto.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Science Week

This week we have been scientists.
" Science is when you discover something and you tell people"Sammy
We have been learning about waterproof materials. We were challenged to make a waterproof bird house. We tested different materials and made a prediction of what we thought would happen when water was poured on them. We used felt, paper, bubble wrap and tin foil.

" The foil is waterproof because the water stays on the top " Ronnie.

" The paper soaks up the water . This is why the water took longer to go through the material in the cup" Leo

In our morning activities we predicted what we thought would happen when we added water to salt, sugar and sand.
We also made  a collage from different materials and described how they felt.
" The cotton wool is smooth and soft and the lino is scratchy". Toby
" The lino feels like crisps " Sienna.

We had a  musical instrument workshop, and we explored how different materials make different sounds.

Our home learning this week is to go on a 3D shape hunt, and to name and describe the shapes we see.
Our Learning Owl this week is Charlie M who has been using his exploring and thinking skills in Science week . Well done Charlie have fun with Otto.

Friday, 9 March 2018


We had a very exciting start to our week. We visited St Lukes to look at their animals as part of our learning.We held some of the animals very carefully and others didn't like being held!

" Camouflage means that animals can change colour" Evie
" They change colour to blend into the background to hide from predators". Sammy
" The trip was very good. I liked the chameleon". Oscar S

In maths we have been learning about subtraction.
" Subtraction means  taking away" Toby
"If you have 10 apples and you take away 5 it would be 5 apples left". Nathaniel.

We talked about starting with the biggest number when subtracting and taking the smaller away from it. We used the tens frames to help us.
We drew pictures and crossed off the number we were taking away.

We hope you have enjoyed spending your World Book day vouchers.We made headbands of our favourite book characters and wore them into assembly this afternoon.

Next week is Science Week. We are taking part in a Bubble Workshop on Tuesday and we will be learning about waterproof materials.

Our Learning Owl is Oliver who has taking his learning forwards in Learning Through Play. Well done. Have fun with Otto.

May Dance

We hope you all enjoyed the May Dance today.The children danced and sat beautifully and it didn't seem to matter that the sun wasn't...